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The session-id can be "fixated" (by predicting the session id), but the nonce is independent of the cookie.The attacker would have to predict not only the session id (which can be done by tricking the victim into using a chosen session id) but also the nonce generated by the application, which should be extremely difficult.cookie, http, lifecycleexception, lifecycleexception, lifecyclesupport, map, principal, request, response, security, servlet, session, session, singlesignon, singlesignonentry, singlesignonentry, sso, string, string, util /* * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more * contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with * this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership. Except you don't want to use an MRU queue and intentionally re-use session ids in the near future, because... If I get session id abcd1234 and then log out, and Tomcat implements a "session id re-use" policy, then someone in the very near future will end up using the session id abcd1234.

FWIW, one fairly simple way of doing this would be to implement SSO via a custom login handler that maintains its own encrypted cookie, and add some kind of blacklist that invalidates the next attempt to use a cookie for a given principal and resets the list. If I understand the description on PAuthn Session correctly, the inactivity timer on both the user session ("This timeout is reset any time the user is authenticated to a service provider.") and the authentication method ("The inactivity clock on this method is also reset, so the method if good for another hour.") will be reset every time the phisher accesses an SP.

Session Listener; import org.apache.catalina.connector.

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The user may simply leave the site without formally logging-out -- like closing the browser window.

The server has no idea that the user will never return.

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Valve Base; /** * A Valve that supports a "single sign on" user experience, * where the security identity of a user who successfully authenticates to one * web application is propogated to other web applications in the same * security domain.