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In the Application down select the form you want for your splash screen in the drop down box under "Splash screen:".At the top under "Startup form:" select the form you want to show up after your splash screen.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

Since your code basically just walks down the length of the string of characters, I modified this version to use a more efficient Notice I have re-used the Report Progress's int variable of Progress Percentage as a way to provide further/deeper options within the Progress Changed Event Handler.Now, you can do any calculations you need back in your main thread by extracting your Now, you are only limited by how complex you want to make whatever class you want to pass back and forth could create a class for passing data in and another class for passing data out. In the Solution Explorer open the My Project folder.I could start to explain the above line by line, but there are lots of really good LINQ articles on the Internet, including one by Joseph Albahari. NET 3.0, which in the event of the text overflowing the rendering rectangle of the Label will trim the end and add a Ellipsis (“…”), if this does occur the Tool Tip for the label will also be set to the full (untrimmed text). Common\Controls\Character Portrait.cs:line 248 After a bit of searching around I discovered a post on Stack Overflow identifying that System. Bitmap(string filename) would lock the filename until the Bitmap was disposed of.We will just say that the above pulls all of the ships out of EVEMon’s Items data file and selects the Name, Race, CPU, Power Grid and Description property for each one. Dump() extension method, simply running the following command: Will output the data we have just queried as a nice HTML Table: That is all I have for you for now, I am working on a project that uses this data outside of EVEMon, keep an eye on Twitter where I will hopefully be providing a link for testing in the not too far distant future. Unfortunately this functionality is not available for Tool Strip Status Label. The post presented a solution but no code, A bit of further searching confirmed my expectation that Image.

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Posted in EVEMon, Programming | No Comments » Auto Ellipsis is a property introduced to System. To make things worse in the event the text overflows it disappears completely. From File(string filename) was subject to the same locking behaviour: A bit more searching identified another post on Stack Overflow which gave me the basic syntax and structure for the code I was going to need to implement this in EVEMon.