Unix df not updating

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Unix df not updating

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If you have data written to the drive and mount another filesystem over it, linux correctly notes the disk usage even though you can't see the files under the mount point.

If you have nfs mounts, try umounting them and looking to see if anything was accidentally written in those directories before the mount.

[email protected] # lsof L1 COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NLINK NODE NAME tuned 777 root 7u REG 202,2 4096 0 8827610 /tmp/ffi JEo5nz (deleted) [email protected] # lsof | grep -i deleted tuned 777 root 7u REG 202,2 4096 0 8827610 /tmp/ffi JEo5nz (deleted) kill process.

To make this easy to spot the large items, we change the du slightly and couple it with a sort.If you've deleted (say) one of Apache's log files, you'll need to restart Apache in order to free the space.2 others ways to get the disk is full issue: 1) hidden under a mount point: linux will show a full disk with files "hidden" under a mount point.# lsof | grep log$ rsyslogd 2109 syslog 0u unix 0xffff88022fa230c /dev/log rsyslogd 2109 syslog 1w REG 252,6 62393 26 /var/log/syslog rsyslogd 2109 syslog 2w REG 252,6 113725 122 /var/log/rsyslogd 2109 syslog 3u unix 0xffff88022fa237 /var/spool/postfix/dev/log rsyslogd 2109 syslog 5w REG 252,6 65624 106 /var/log//usr/sbin 2129 root 2w REG 252,6 93602 38 /var/log/munin//usr/sbin 2129 root 4w REG 252,6 93602 38 /var/log/munin/...If some files are deleted but still used by some process then it's space will not be released.

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To find deleted files but are still in use by some process Additionally to what have been explained, the issue could be that there is a another mount point of the deleted file directory on another attached disk device on the same server.

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