Updating ms access from a form telegraph internet dating

Posted by / 03-Oct-2020 07:06

I doubt you need to be concerned with the form's Current Record property.And I don't see why you should need a command button for "Has been Completed" and another for "Has not been Completed". I'm so sorry to have taken so much of your time but your confirmation that I had the basics right has led me to a happy resolution. The last step in creating the order is a check that the date had been entered before it lets you out, hence the fact that saving and reopening shows the correct updated total.

Anyone run into a situation where you have about 30 customer service people pounding in information in an Access form and the form doesn't display the entered data? I uncommented it to check again and no change, so not updating the total. Incidentally the field is called Total Firkins In Period so the code I sent was an earlier mistake that I'd corrected.If you need to update some field of underlying dataset, you can write something like If your form has control bound to "Some Field", then the form will be updated automatically.If this will not help, you can look to a couple of another directions: 1) Update records using SQL code.

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