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Ruby Lin celebrated her 43rd birthday last Sunday through a simple affair with family and friends.

There was cake but she didn't get to make a birthday wish because there was no candle.

Once Promised started filming recently so we should be expecting character stills in the upcoming days.

[img] so glad to see so many people who like Vicki!!! Hi everybody, look likes this thread is a bit quiet, although Vicky is the best chinese actress (at least for me). Coz, there is Vicky Hope someone will sub it, houraaaaaaaaaaa, can't wait.With Deng Chao (from Mermaid) and Bai Baihe (from Monster Hunt), new movie 从你的全世界路过 Passing from Your World is adapted from a novel by Zhang Jiajia.Supporting cast includes Yang Yang, Zhang Tian Ai and Liu Tao.Synopsis and Plot Summary Li Er (Chen Do Ling) is an typical 17 year old but she has trouble hearing with her left year.She crushes on Xu Yi (Oho Ou) who ends up dating someone else and that someone else has become her friend.

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I was a bit set beack by that otherwise her voice is great on the sound track I heard.