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The report by Leutishia Stills, a contract compliance officer with the HRC for 10 months, sustained charges brought by an African-Amer¬ ican lesbian against the male employ¬ ees of Condon-Johnson Associates, a construction company at the airport. I Can Hel ♦ neck and back pain ♦ headaches * auto, sports and work injuries ♦ A PROVIDER FOR MOST HMDs AND PPOs SPINAL EXAM w/ad to 200 orthopedic & neurological tests, regularly 0 Patented Wallbed System • No Bolting to the Floor • All Sizes Available ALSO: • Platform Storage Beds • Closet Systems • Armolres • Desks • Dressers ALL WOOD No Particle Board • Birch • Maple • Oak • Teak • Walnut JSSM&X* by MARCH Enterprises, Inc.

His comment about the steamy video for one song, “Best Thaing,” was that “it’s a very hot video with people kiss¬ ing and touching each other in many ways. Maybe that’s the way I like it.” As for his own sexuality, the handsome entrepreneur told the Bay Area Reporter, “I don’t use la¬ bels. Whether I walk down one side of the street or the other, or both - that’s my thing.He attended the post-pre¬ miere party for the film Two Girls and a Guy along with Madonna, Leonardo Di Caprio, Robert Downey Jr., and Warren Beatty.His eclectic favorites include Plato’s Republic, the movies Dead Poets Society and Valmont, actors Di Caprio and Angelica Huston; the foods Soljanka, goulash, and most any soup; and the drinks Badoit and San Pellegrino.page 18 There is nothing like this Dame The Ednafication of America starts here in San Francisco. And the cabaret singer and Tony Award nominee whose name has become synony¬ mous with AIDS fundraisers in San Francis¬ co will travel from her home in Los Angeles to perform at the fair, belting out the tunes that have made her a favorite in the local queer community.In addition, many other entertainers will join the festivities, making for a lively event.

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