What is the french word for dating

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What is the french word for dating

Quelles sont les deux plus vieilles lettres de l’alphabet?C’est clair: A, G(What are the two oldest letters in the alphabet?Even if you’re not a big joke teller, taking a look at the funny side of French can be a really useful and enjoyable exercise.Like in all other languages, certain French words have multiple meanings which, if used in a certain way, can be really humorous. Une d’elles se fait écraser et l’autre s’écrie “Oh purée ! One of them is run over and the other one says “Oh purée ! While this pun doesn’t do much in English, when told in French, the joke hinges on a play on words.He made his debut in “On purge bébé,” the vaudeville play (and later film) by Georges Feydeau.

If you’re interested in more child-friendly jokes, is the perfect resource to have on hand.

But why are jokes such an important part of the French language?

Approaching new people can be daunting in any language, but when you add in the challenge of speaking in French, it can be a really unnerving prospect.

It’s obvious: A, G)A great example of the potential humor in French pronunciation, this joke only really works when told in its native form, and out loud.

Spoken in French, the letters A and G sound like the word âgé, which translates as “aged.” In that sense, the letters A and G have to be the oldest in the French alphabet!

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True to form, Toto misunderstands his teacher’s question and, as a result, makes a fool of himself.

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