Who us jennifer lopez dating

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Who us jennifer lopez dating

Jenny was just 15 years old when she started dating David Cruz, in 1984.

She had not risen to stardom back then and she was a back up dancer, herself.

Jennifer Lopez and former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez are dating, Page Six exclusively confirmed on Wednesday.

She liked an Instagram image that Rodriguez posted on Wednesday announcing he’d joined Fox Sports as a full-time baseball analyst.

This was no recipe for a happily ever after though, as the marriage crashed and burnt 7 years later.

Despite it all, the couple are still very friendly and are still good parents to their kids.

No one really knows what happened back then, but it seems like the story will soon be out in the open.

Their marriage did not last up to a year as they split up in June 2012.But Jenny was on it, she filed a million lawsuit to stop him, although that was not the end of it.He found a loop hole, though he is not allowed to say anything about his relationship with J.More recently, in October 2016, the ex couple teamed up for a free pro-Hilary concert in Miami, we bet some Trump supporters went out to see that reunion.See also: Miley Cyrus Height, Weight And Body Measurements Yes, people there are still more names on the Jennifer Lopez relationship list, so let’s get right to it; the stars longest relationship was actually with her high school sweetheart, evidently, puppy love got real.

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