Why do i get so much spam from dating sites

Posted by / 05-May-2020 21:06

The term “Dating Scam” is now becoming common place in newspaper headlines all over the world but are you aware of all the types of scams that exist?

Did you know there are some dating scams that you will not lose any money or others that can threaten your entire business and personal life?

This allows the blackmailer to simply drag and drop your picture into a Google Image Search and it will reveal all the websites that you have used the same image.

They will then know all your friends, family members and work colleagues.

The romance scammers weakness is their fake identity.

Or there will be some amazing news that needs travel visas or investment to unlock some fantastic business opportunity.

Even a long distance relationship should be easy for a genuine person.

Webcam, phone calls and pictures should be free flowing and jumping on a plane and meeting should not be an obstacle. There are a lot of online dating sites who’s primary income is generated by tricking their users.

So the scam is very simple, they ask you to join another site which they claim they use.

You will not loose money but remember the person who is asking you to join another site is a career criminal, they are not a single person looking for a relationship. Sextortion is blackmail with the threat of sharing your erotic pictures.

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The scammer makes a fake profile, often with stolen pictures and you fall in love with them without ever meeting.

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