Young teacher dating former student

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Young teacher dating former student

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I generally request her to be the sub when I am going to be gone, as she knows our content, the kids know who she is and her husband is right across the hall if there are any issues. I pretty much have given up on having the sub do anything productive while I am gone.

I do like the idea someone said of having the sub seat the students in alphabetical order.

I do let the students know the consequence if they do not listen.

I appreciate it when the sub follows my lesson plan and does not try to show a movie or present a lesson from another subject content area.

Students know from the beginning of school that I have high expectations that they will be their most helpful, cooperative selves when I am gone. I think it's great that you ask a colleague teacher to greet the sub teacher; if I find that the other teachers are busy when I arrive to sub, I will take the initiative to introduce myself to one of them. I did like it when a teacher would come and see how I was doing or even introducing themselves and offering to help.

I am going to start sub-teaching again this fall and I want to teach full-time eventually. I don't mind the pay a bit - the experience is priceless. I have had a very positive experience on this website! Please do not sugar coat the day in the notes you leave for the teacher. If there was a student that was helpful, leave the name on the note.

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It is so nice to come into a classroom that is ready for children.

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